Dear shareholders of “Rosseti Kuban” PJSC!

In the process of determining the amount of dividends payable, the Dividend policy of the Company strives to maintain the balance of interests of the Company and its shareholders. The Dividend Policy of the Company is based on respect and strict observation of the shareholder rights provided by the applicable laws of the Russian Federation, the Charter and the internal documents of the Company, and is aimed at enhancement of the Company investment attractiveness and capitalization. Apart from capitalization growth, Rosseti Kuban PJSC strives to increase the amount of dividends on the basis of the net profit and the needs for development of production and investment activity of the Company.

To ensure transparency of determining the amount of dividends and their payment mechanism as well as to inform shareholders and other interested persons about the Company Dividend Policy, the Board of Directors of Rosseti Kuban PJSC approved the Regulations for the Dividend Policy on 31.08.2018 (minutes of the meeting No.297/2018). 

The dividends are paid in accordance with the procedure described in the Registered Person Profile in the Registry of Holders of Rosseti Kuban Securities.  

Analysis of data on payment of dividends to shareholders of the Company revealed that the major cause of failure to receive income consists in incorrectness of details provided by shareholders in their personal accounts.

To update your personal accounts information, please, contact the Company Registrar – “Registrar R.O.S.T.” JSC at:
  • 18 Stromynka Str., Block 13 (POB 9), Moscow, 107996. Phone: (495) 780-73-63, Fax: (495) 780-73-67;
  • 176 Krasnaya Str. (4th floor), Krasnodar, 350020. Phone: (861) 255-21-01, 210-03-28, Fax: 255-21-01 (Krasnodar branch of “Registrar R.O.S.T.” JSC).

You may choose to additionally consult “Rosseti Kuban” PJSC at:

2A Stavropolskaya Str., Krasnodar.

Phone: (861) 212-26-72, 212-22-76.