For shareholders and investors

Dear Shareholders and Investors!

This page "Shareholders, investors" contains up-to-date and credible information about "Kubanenergo" PJSC, including the information subject to mandatory disclosure, information on securities and holders of the Company’s shares, as well as on shareholder relations.

Please consider that the Company needs to have up-to-date information about its shareholders so that it can fully observe their rights (participation in shareholders’ meetings, receiving of interest and other corporate events).

Here is the list of the necessary information:

  • passport or other ID;
  • registration address;
  • tax reference number (INN),
  • date and place of birth;
  • place of residence;
  • bank account particulars (if possible).

Provision of information on bank account facilitates significantly the process of dividends payment.

Such information should be submitted to the Company’s Registrar – “R.O.S.T. Registrar” JSC in case if any changes in the information or if potentially the registrar does not possess such information (if You haven’t contacted the registrar before).

Please note that the current legislation of the Russian Federation stipulates administrative accountability of Kubanenergo PJSC for not providing bank particulars of the shareholders that received dividends.

If you have any questions, please contact “R.O.S.T. Registrar” JSC:

Customer Service Center: +7 (495) 771-73-35,

Krasnodar branch of “R.O.S.T. Registrar” JSC: 4 floor, 176 Krasnaya street, 350020, Krasnodar, phone: (861) 255-21-01, e-mail:

Information on offices and samples of documents are available at the registrar’s webpage:

Employees responsible for interaction with shareholders at Kubanenergo PJSC:

Yurchenko Anna, Chief specialist of Corporate Governance and Shareholder Relations Department

  phone: (861) 212-26-72


Podsvirova Irina, Leading specialist of Corporate Governance and Shareholder Relations Department 

  phone: (861) 212-22-76