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Staff training

One of the important activity areas in sphere of the Company’s personnel policy is employees’ potential development. Systematic, planned and permanent occupational trainings are the main areas in employees’ development.

The need and way of training are determined by Company’s strategy of development and level of professional competence of employees. The training is conducted on the following areas: occupational retraining and employee training and education, second profession training, advanced courses for employees, advanced training of engineering and technical personnel, pre-examination training on areas within the jurisdiction of Federal Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service of Russia (Rostechnadzor).

System of Kubanenergo professional training includes 180 licensed programmes satisfying the requirement of the Russian Federation legislation and supervising state agencies to training of specialists on electrical engineering and other specialties.

Key partner of Kubanenergo in sphere of professional training of employees is non-State educational institution “Training centre of Kubanenergo” (Krasnodar). The basic programmes are:

-       Electrician of emergency crew;

-       Electrician on operation of distribution networks;

-       Electrician on operation of electric meters;

-       Industrial safety for managers and specialists of the companies;

-       Safety of climbing works;

-       Advanced training of construction manager (foreman, expert) and others.

Training centre is equipped with all necessary facilities including simulators, educational materials and literature, training ground where specialists can practice. List of training programmes is confirmed and approved by managers of special services of the Company. Training programmes are reconsidered annually.

Training centre of Kubanenergo implements the programme of professional retraining in Moscow State Technical University named after N.E. Bauman during ten years with a specialization in “Management” that allows to train candidates at managerial positions. Multistage system of candidates selection for integration into group was created.

Monitoring of needs in training programmes allows develop and integrate new training courses. In 2011 on the basis of training centre “Kubanenergo” the studying of operating and engineering and technical personnel was held on programmes of professional retraining “Academy of chief engineering officer” and “Academy of dispatchers”. The programmes were created to improve methods of employees’ training and are long-term target programme of personnel reserve training.

The Company pays great attention to expansion of cooperation with universities and colleges that prepare specialists in sphere of power industry. The following institutions cooperate with the Company: Training centre “Energopersonal”, Training centre “Linvit”, “St. Petersburg institute of advanced training”, “Stavropol training centre”, “Inter-industry training centre “Krasnodarskiy”, “TsNTI PROGRESS” LLC, State educational institution of Krasnodar region “Training centre of transport specialists” and other.

Personnel reserve

A system principle to work with personnel reserve is used in the Company, the basis of principle is Regulation on personnel reserve of Kubanenergo. This Regulation establishes and determines that:

-       Basic principles, aims and goals in work with personnel reserve of Kubanenergo:

-       Structure (types) of personnel reserve;

-       Basic requirements to the process of reserve creation;

-       Basic areas and forms of work with personnel reserve;

-       Forms of documents for work with personnel reserve;

-       Forms of reports on work with personnel reserve.

Lists of personnel reserve are updated every year to timely satisfy staffing requirement and discover high-potential employees in Kubanenergo. Training of employees assigned to personnel reserve is implemented using variety of forms and methods of teaching. Development of professional and administrative competence of personnel reserve is strategically important area of work.

System approach to work with personnel reserve allows employees of the Company to develop their potential, to plan career, to choose between horizontal and vertical move in career development.

Personnel reserve allows:

-       Strengthening of personnel potential of the Company by  forming a group of well-qualified personnel trained to managerial work;

-       Reduction of adaptation period after assignment to managerial positions;

-       Providing of succession planning;

-       Career prospects, increasing of loyalty to the Company;

-       Maximum usage of potential of every candidate;

-       Decreasing of Company’s dependence from external labor market.

Tasks of forming of personnel reserve:

-       Determination of structure of personnel reserve and list of key positions that are subjects for replacement from personnel reserve of the Company;

-       Finding of employees who have potential for developing their professional and business qualities and holding managerial positions;

-       Creating of database of possible external candidates and their involvement in Company’s activities;

-       Organization of special training course to develop professional and personal skills that are needed for managerial position;

-       Providing of planned replacement of managerial positions and adaptation of employees.

Main areas of activity to improve work with personnel reserve:

-       Determination of main areas of work and development of personnel reserve members;

-       Forming and updating of personnel reserve using internal sources;

-       Development and organization of implementation (in case of financial capacity) of individual development plans of employees added to personnel reserve.

Company’s activity aimed to implementation of investment projects under “The Programme of construction of Olympic venues and development of Sochi as mountain resort”

The following events are implemented to create effective system of attracting, recruitment and training of personnel of Kubanenergo branch Sochi electric networks:

-       In association with employment centre of Sochi, the groups of candidates for professional training on vacant positions in branch are formed as part of federal programme of expenses recovering on specialists training.

-       The Company organized pre-degree practice for final year students of electric energy faculty of South-Russian State Technological University with following employment in branch.

-       The Company plans to equip classroom and attract student on state-financed type of education on specialization “electrician on repair and maintenance of electric equipment” in Sochi Technical College No. 19 to recruit from 2011 to 2013.

-       Groups are formed from candidates who passed first selection and interview with heads of branch offices to send them to Non-profitable non-state educational institution Training centre “Kubanenergo” for professional training.

-       Target group from branch employees’ children and graduates of Sochi specialized schools is formed for entering to power energy faculty of South-Russian State Technological University.

-       The Company in association with administration of Sochi carries out campaign among graduates of schools, vocational schools, colleges on work in power industry.

-       2 classrooms in Dagomys regional distribution electric networks of branch were equipped, it allows “Kubanenergo” Training centre to give classes, and branch to decrease expenditures for business trips, train more employees and optimize working hours of trainee.

-       The branch participates in vacancy fair in accordance with schedule approved by employment centre of Sochi on districts and villages aimed to attract candidates for work in Sochi electric networks.




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