Social policy

Main principles of Rosseti Kuban PJSC social policy are creation of favorable working and recreation environment for employees, enhancement of social security, improvement of workplace and social relations


Social and labour relations

Rosseti Kuban PJSC is a responsible member of our society. The company undertakes social obligations to employees in accordance with Industry tariff agreement in power industry of Russian Federation for 2009-2011, collective bargaining and other legal documents.

The collective bargaining sets:
  • general principles of regulation of social and labour relations with economic relationship;
  • general terms of labour payment,
  • guarantees, compensations ad bonuses to employees.

It also defies the rights, obligations and responsibility of parties of the social partnership in the company and in power industry.

Voluntary health insurance, accident insurance

In order to increase social protection of the employees the Company provides health insurance to its employees which activity is related to hazard to life or with possibility of occupation disease.

Every year the Company concludes contracts of voluntary health and accidents insurance at the best clinics.

The voluntary health insurance enables to get medical services at the best clinics that the policy of obligatory medical insurance does not provide.

Each employee has workplace personal injury insurance. 


Provision of recreation for employees and their families  

One of top priorities of the Company’s social policy is care of employees’ health and recreation. In order to lower the illness frequency among employees and to increase their productivity the Company takes preventive measures to avoid or timely reveal the illnesses. The Company employees and their families are provided at reduced price trip vouchers to health and resort centers. 


Housing policy

If an employee took a real estate loan at a bank, the Company assists in improving the housing conditions. Those who occupy the key posts at Kubanenergo PJSC can use special housing programme. 


Non-state pension provision

In order to increase social protection of its employees, Rosseti Kuban finances and develops programmes of non-state pension provision, which are aimed to ensure the decent life level of retired employees, to create conditions for effective solution of human resources issues related to attraction of staff. Company’s employees can choose for a variety of programmes of non-state pension provision. 

The non-state pension provision is implemented via the Non-state pension fund of power industry.


Veterans council

Taking into account the vulnerable situation of people who receive the state pension, the Company conducts a policy on social support of veteran and non-working pensioners of the Company. 

In 2010 the interaction with veterans was arranged: the branches and the executive office of the Company have organized the special veterans councils.


Culture and sport events 

Every year Rosseti Kuban PJSC organizes corporate social activities for keeping the good atmosphere in the company.

In order to promote and keep the healthy life style Rosseti Kuban PJSC holds different sport events among the employees, this way helping them to get an access to sport infrastructure. For these purposes at the territory of subdivisions of Kubanenergo branches sport grounds were organized. Annually starting from 2000 the Sport Games of Power Industry Specialists are held on six sports: volley-ball, futsal, kettlebell lifting, ping pong, chess and track-and-field athletics.

The Company prepares the plan of activities on corporate and social events, which includes the cultural events, competitions that unite the employees increasing this way the corporate culture.

Also to promote the profession of power industry specialist the Company organizes contest for children of the employees: “Children drawing power industry”, “We are searching talents”.