Details of Registrar of the Company

Full business name:  Joint-Stock Company “Registrar R.O.S.T.”
Location: 18 Stromynka Str., Block 5B, Moscow, 107076.
Postal address of the Company: 18 Stromynka Str., Block 5B, Moscow, 107076.
Phone.: (495) 771-73-35, 771-73-36, e-mail:


License to maintain the register of securities holders:

No.: 10-000-1-00264
Date of issue: 03.12.2002
Expiry date: Perpetual
Name of the authority having issued the license: Federal Commission for the Securities Market (Federal Financial Markets Service) of Russia
Date beginning wherefrom Registrar has maintained the register of the Issuer's securities holders: 16.12.2010


Contact information of Registrar’s branch in Krasnodar:

Krasnodar branch of “Registrar R.O.S.T.” JSC, 180A Krasnaya Str., 350020, Krasnodar, phone: (861) 299-71-51, (861) 2-100-328, e-mail:

"Registrar R.O.S.T." JSC has no transfer-agents that might provide services to persons registered in the Register of Shareholders of "Rosseti Kuban" PJSC.