Anti-corruption policy

Large-scale changes in regulation of anti-corruption activity of companies as well as structural changes in electric grid have led to necessity of creating a unified strategy paper – Anti-corruption policy of Rosseti JSC and its affiliates (hereinafter – Anti-corruption policy). This document defined a consistent approach to implementation of requirements of article 13.3 of the Federal Law No.273-FZ dated 25.12.2008 “On Corruption Counteraction”.

“Rosseti Kuban” PJSC undertakes to develop and take measures on prevention and counteraction the corruption: revealing and elimination of causes of corruption (preventive measures  for reduction of opportunities for corruption); revealing, prevention and interception of corruption offences and other administrative offences; minimization and/or elimination of consequences of corruption offences and other administrative offences, including those specified in article 13.28 of the Administrative Offences Code “liability for illegal gratification from a legal entity”.

Among the main directions of Anti-corruption policy are::

·      establishment of a sector responsible for preventive measures  for reduction of opportunities for corruption and fight against corruption;

·      evaluation of corruption risks;

·      revealing and settlement of conflict of interest;

·      development and introduction of standards and procedures aimed at provision of diligent work;

·      consideration of information concerning the possible facts of corruption;

·      legal awareness and laying the groundwork for law-abiding behavior of employees, provision of consolations and information for employees;

·      internal control and audit;

·      interaction with partners and contractors in counteraction and prevention of corruption;

·      measures on prevention of bribery of foreign public officials and officials of public international organisations;

·      interaction with state bodies that fulfill oversight functions;

·      interaction with law enforcement agencies in the sphere of corruption counteraction;

·      participation in anti-corruption activities/events.

Rosseti Kuban PJSC elaborated and approved the List of anti-corruption activities describing the events and procedures for implementation of such events.

The Anti-corruption policy shows the Company’s commitment to high ethical standards in conducting    transparent and fair business, sophistication of corporate culture, observance of the best practices in corporate governance and maintaining the business reputation of grid company at a proper level.

The full text of Anti-corruption policy of Rosseti JSC and its affiliates is available here.

Information on possible facts of corruption in Rosseti Kuban PJSC as well in its affiliated companies can be delivered by mail, phone 8 (800) 100-15-52 or sent as a written message to the following address: 2A Stavropolskaya street, Krasnodar 350033.